Sunday December 27

We welcome Dr. David Stains this Sunday morning and pray God’s richest blessing on him as he brings the morning message. Sunday’s morning’s message is titled “New”, and is based on the scripture
Luke 2:22-35. If you are in need of pastoral care while Pastor Joe is recuperating, please contact Dr. David Stains.

We also will have prayer for communion during the service. After the service, the communion wafer-and-cup packets will be taken from the altar to the front entrance so you may pick them up and take them home for actual use during next Sunday’s morning worship service. Please if you can’t get them Sunday morning, call the pastor to arrange a time to come by. We will work with you.


Today 9:00 Morning Worship
(Online: )
(Event # 754 794 031)
(Audio only phone # 1 301 715 8592)
10:30 Sunday School for Adults & Youth (temp. suspended due to the Governor’s order)

Thursday Printing of Sunday, January 3rd bulletin – please have any items for the bulletin into the church
office by Thursday morning.


Upcoming Events:
**January 5th 7:00 Trustee Meeting**

We encourage all who are not in self-quarantine to come join us for worship. For the sake of the most vulnerable among us, please remember our guidelines:

-If you feel ill or suspect you were in a setting that exposed you to COVID, please use the streaming of the service at home.

-Please use the hand sanitizer (wall mounted) as you enter.

-Be sure to space yourself or your household 6 feet or more from others in the pews. There should be plenty of room in the sanctuary.

-Please wear a mask, and use it as you can, especially if you raise your voice while speaking or singing.

-Let the ushers/microphone runners handle offering plates and microphones. We count on ushers and runners to be masked, with cleaned hands, while serving in your role. Runners need to wipe the top of the microphone after every use, and re-sanitize after sharing time is done.

-We will continue to stream our services via Zoom and on our Church’s Facebook site (Mt. Hope UM Church of Greater Johnstown) indefinitely. Some of our folk will need to continue to protect their health by staying at home.

Let us all keep watching/praying for all the ways we can continue to broaden our church life and connections with each other while protecting our health as well. Be generous in sharing your outreach personally with each other, as well as fresh ideas for the coming seasons.

See you in church.

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