Christmas Eve

At this point, we plan to provide a Christmas Eve service at Mt. Hope, available both live and on ZOOM/Facebook. Please note the adjustments we are making to keep everyone safe as we are in the height of the pandemic’s impact.

Of course, wear masks and sit distanced by households. It will be hard to refrain from the handshakes and hugs so customary at Christmas; but with so much exchange of COVID at this time, the greatest gift of love we can give each other is a safe, angelic greeting from a distance.

Keep your coats with you. We will have the heat fully on and the windows cracked 1” as on Sunday mornings; but if we get a larger crowd than expected we will have to increase the air exchange to protect everyone. (If we get more people than the sanctuary can safely accommodate, we will have to use extra rooms, but that is not expected.)

Sing softly. It has been shown that loud singing or shouting projects particles more than 6 feet, even through masks; and we will likely sing more than the 3 usual brief songs typical of Sunday morning.

We will provide candles, but we recommend that those who can, please bring your own from home. Also, at the end of the service we want to avoid your having to remove masks and blow out candles. We recommend bringing a plastic spoon to extinguish the candles at the end of the service. We also will provide spoons for those who may forget.

If you are participating by ZOOM/Facebook, you may want to have a candle at hand to light with us at the climax of the service. If you, for any reason, don’t have candles at home, we will lay out candles and plastic spoons in the back of the sanctuary Sunday for pickup before noon on Sunday or by appointment during the week. (Of course, if you are coming to the service no need to pick up before Friday—just come to the service.)

If for any reason the conditions warrant change to this schedule, we will post an update via email accordingly. Thank God for sending Christ into the world—for whatever this season’s burdens, he is here; and the gift of his redeeming is unquenchable. We look forward to being joined in heart in his coming! A blessed Christmas to all!

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